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Deck Refinishing Near Ashburn VA Wakes Up Your Deck

Has your deck turned dull and a dingy gray color? With just a couple of good weather days, some cleaning solution and a few useful tools, you can wake up your deck with a DIY deck refinishing project at your home in the Ashburn, VA area. If you are not up to the task, NOVA Deck Doctor is a licensed deck builder and contractor who also specializes in deck refinishing.

Deck Refinishing Preparation Steps for Your Home in the Ashburn, VA Area

  • Deck Inspection—Inspect your deck in the Ashburn, VA area for any loose or rotten boards. Replace if needed. Nails or screws tend to pop out after a few years so these should be hammered or screwed back into the boards.
  • Deck Cleaning—Proper deck refinishing should include using a deck cleaner. It will remove mold, mildew and algae stains from the decking boards that have built up over time at your home near Ashburn, VA.
  • Power Washing—To deep clean your deck, you can use a power washer but if you do not know what you are doing, you can quickly ruin the wood on your deck.
  • Sanding—If you use a power washer, it is likely there will be some wood fibers that will raise as they expand with water. After drying, the wood fibers may cause splinters. Sanding the boards to remove the splinters is recommended before applying stain to your deck. By doing this, it will give your deck refinishing a more professional finished look.

Final Step to Your Deck Refinishing Project Near Ashburn, VA

All the grueling work is done, and now it is time to apply your waterproofer to your decking boards. Different types of products to use:

  • Clear Wood Protector
  • Tinted Wood Protector
  • Semi-Transparent Deck and House Stain
  • Solid Deck and House Stain

The type of waterproofer you use will determine how often you need to recoat your deck in the following years. NOVA Deck Doctor is a complete deck specialist company servicing the Ashburn, VA area and can advise you on which products to use for your deck refinishing project. We would be happy to assist you in any way we can, or if you like, we can do the job for you. If you have any questions about deck refinishing near Ashburn, VA, just give us a call.

See what some of our customers think

Now that the deck is done it is beautiful. We love the workmanship and just being able to sit out in the back of our house with friends and grill out. This company truly has our gold star approval for professionalism and quality of work.

- Sharon J.
Arlington, VA

The Deck Doctor crew worked clean and made sure all debris was removed upon completion. They even added a "sunburst" pattern to the deck railing at the entrance to give it a more inviting look.

- Scott H.
Alexandria, VA

They began building our deck the same day as the permit was granted, and finished in two days and clean up was spotless. We are delighted by the quality of the materials and workmanship.

- Mr. & Mrs. Peter J
Arlington, VA

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