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Ashburn VA Deck Wash and Seal: Falling Leaves on Your Deck

Falling leaves in autumn may be beautiful to watch as they float down from the trees in Ashburn VA, but fallen leaves can wreak havoc on a deck. They can leave stains on the deck and hold moisture that can lead to mold. This can be an especially big problem if you haven’t had a proper deck wash and seal at regular intervals. Crunchy, dry leaves also leave a great deal of debris that can get in between the boards. So it’s very important to sweep away the leaves and remove dirt and grit that collect between the boards.

Dry rot is another problem child of decks that are not cleaned and inspected regularly. Dry rot is a fungus that can deteriorate a deck quickly. Once it has taken hold, dry rot can open the door to other infestations such as by termites or wood boring beetles. This is really a disastrous combination for a deck and can also be a bridge to cause problems with your home.

Dry rot feeds on wet wood. The key is to make sure that you seal the wood well so that moisture from Ashburn VA rains cannot seep into the wood fibers. This is an essential step of a deck wash and seal. Further you want to make sure that falling debris from trees such as leaves and other dirt doesn’t collect in areas that trap moisture.

Making sure your deck is swept and tended to on a regular basis is a good start. If your deck is not prepared for the Ashburn VA winter and fall, a deck wash and seal should be on your list of things to do to keep your deck protected from the weather to come. Give Nova Deck Dr a call to get a quote and to find out about our three-year guarantee on our deck wash and seal.

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Now that the deck is done it is beautiful. We love the workmanship and just being able to sit out in the back of our house with friends and grill out. This company truly has our gold star approval for professionalism and quality of work.

- Sharon J.
Arlington, VA

The Deck Doctor crew worked clean and made sure all debris was removed upon completion. They even added a "sunburst" pattern to the deck railing at the entrance to give it a more inviting look.

- Scott H.
Alexandria, VA

They began building our deck the same day as the permit was granted, and finished in two days and clean up was spotless. We are delighted by the quality of the materials and workmanship.

- Mr. & Mrs. Peter J
Arlington, VA

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