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Build A Deck In Reston VA: Add Fun, Value and Usability to Your Home

Make the most of the biggest asset you own: your home. Do you want to:

  • Add value to your investment?
  • Have outdoor spot for entertaining?
  • Put in a play area for you kids that’s easy to monitor?
  • Add curb appeal, in the event you sell it?
  • Pack in as much of living area as possible?
  • Take full advantage of your view?
  • Combine being outside with the comfort of indoor amenities?

Worried all those additions to the house will cost too much? Relax. One enhancement will cover them all: a wood deck gives you a multitude of advantages.

Here is a look at how adding wood decks in Reston, VA, increases the value of your home, adds living space and brings joy to adults and kids. The experts here at Nova Deck Doctor know the transformation that a new deck can make to a home.

Increase the Worth of Your Home

House hunters list a deck as an essential when choosing a home. A new deck adds value and makes it easier to sell.

According to House Logic, adding a deck is one of the least expensive ways to add value to your home. Nationally, new construction averages $85 per square foot. But putting on a deck costs less than $35 per square foot. So your return on investment is much higher with this simple addition to your home.

When you build a deck, you add functional living space to your home. And this space costs significantly less—about half--than adding a new interior room.

It can be difficult to balance the cost of renovations against future returns when you sell the home. You want to add more functionality and eye appeal to your home, but not sink money into an addition that doesn’t add value at the time of a future sale.

That’s where new wood decks in Reston, VA, shows their worth. When you construct a new wood deck, you can recoup over 80% of the cost when you sell your house, as reported in Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report.

More Usable Living Space

Decks are perfect for outdoor entertaining. More than a transition point between the inside and outside of your home, they are perfect for entertaining. Wood decks in Reston, VA, make it easy to throw a summer party, or any other season for that matter.

You can add a deck at ground level or have it extend out from an upper floor. Decks can even be added at the rooftop level. The railing around it keeps the area safe for people and pets.

With the addition of amenities like outdoor kitchens and lighting, a deck can be the center of family life from late spring through early fall. Outdoor living a real boon when the temperatures soar.

If the terrain outside your home is rocky and uneven, adding a deck makes it usable for family living and entertaining family and friends. You are no longer confined to your home’s interior. This added space opens up not just the space, but also the possibilities for socializing.

The Go-To Spot for Adults and Children

Year-round, decks are attractive spots for get-togethers, relaxing and playing. Here is a look at ways your whole family can utilize a deck.

Barbeques. Invite friends and neighbors over for food, drinks and good conversation. Wood decks in Reston, VA, are comfortable and convenient for guests because they can enjoy the deck, but also easily get up and walk around in the yard or go inside.

Parties for adults. Being outside adds a special occasion feel to a party. Trees, shrubs and container gardens can be decorated to fit the theme. Outdoor lighting make it the go-to choice for evening get-togethers. Simply add lanterns, string festive lights, or install outdoor lighting systems.

Birthday parties for kids. Children love to race around at birthday parties. It can wreak havoc indoors. It’s more fun for them and easier on you to have the party on outdoor wood decks in Reston, VA. They can run and play to their heart’s content, making full use of the yard and the deck.

Tea for two. Invite a friend over for tea and a chance to catch up on what’s happening in your lives. It’s more relaxing and personal that meeting in a noisy coffee shop.

A place for reflection. Do you meditate, practice yoga or tai chi? The deck is the perfect place to gather your thoughts and quiet your mind. A deck gives you a private spot away from the rest of the family, making it easier to focus.

Play area. Children are rambunctious and it’s nice to get them out of the house. But escorting them to the park isn’t always feasible. When you install wood decks in Reston, VA, you add a play area that you can monitor easily.

Keep an eye on your children while working in your home office or doing chores around the house. You can get them away from the video games, shooing them outside, knowing they are close by and safe.

Relax and unwind. After a harried day and miserable commute, you can slow down and de-stress in the evening on your deck. The quiet of nature, a chance to see the stars and breathe fresh air is guaranteed to renew your spirits.

Help from the Professionals

The experienced team at Deck Doctors in Reston, VA, knows wood decks. After all, that’s our name. We are experts in the design and construction of wood decks and other outdoor amenities. With our decades of combined experience, we understand decks from the ground up.

Adding a wood deck is a major investment in the quality of your living space and your home. We can help you choose the best materials and create a design that fits your lifestyle, your family needs and your budget. The best wood decks in Reston, VA, enhance the look of your home, while adding extra space and functionality.

Our designers work closely with the craftspeople who actually construct your deck. We can answer you questions about the right type of wood decks in Reston, VA, for easy maintenance, child-friendly use and entertaining.

We can guide you through the process from design to choosing materials and enhancements and the actual construction. We install decks that reflect your style preferences and reflect the needs of your family. We are the deck experts, with a staff trained in all styles and sizes of decks. We take pride in our custom decks that fit the particular requirements of each homeowner.

The Outdoor Experts

The professionals here at Nova Deck Doctor have years of experience serving homeowners in Reston, VA, building wood decks, as well as other structures to help you make the most of home’s exterior.

We are a full-service deck contractor and can help you with:

  • Building wood decks
  • Refinishing decks
  • Repairing decks
  • Repairing railings, ledger boards, footings, and stairs
  • Designing custom decks
  • Washing and sealing decks
  • Building screened porches
  • Adding hardscapes of all types, like patios, sidewalks, retaining walls, driveways, stone accent walls and outdoor kitchens

Check out our photo gallery to see the many ways we can enhance your home’s space, livability and value. In this short video, we show you what we can do for you.

Here at Nova Deck Doctor, we are as concerned about the environment as you are. That’s why we use eco-friendly construction materials that have the least possible impact on the planet. We will be happy to help you select the right type based on the requirements of your site, your budget and your preferences.

In addition, we use best practices in the construction process. When you work with the experienced team at Nova, you are assured of the highest craftsmanship, elegant design solutions and environmentally friendly materials and installation.

Call Nova Deck Doctor today for a free, no-obligation quote. Or fill out the handy contact form on our website.

See what some of our customers think

Now that the deck is done it is beautiful. We love the workmanship and just being able to sit out in the back of our house with friends and grill out. This company truly has our gold star approval for professionalism and quality of work.

- Sharon J.
Arlington, VA

The Deck Doctor crew worked clean and made sure all debris was removed upon completion. They even added a "sunburst" pattern to the deck railing at the entrance to give it a more inviting look.

- Scott H.
Alexandria, VA

They began building our deck the same day as the permit was granted, and finished in two days and clean up was spotless. We are delighted by the quality of the materials and workmanship.

- Mr. & Mrs. Peter J
Arlington, VA

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