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Deck Repair Fairfax VA: 3 Causes Of Wood Damage

Your backyard deck plays the part of many roles. It acts as an entertainment spot, host to BBQ’s and parties, a spot for relaxing and sunbathing, and a place to unwind after a long day in Fairfax, VA. Because of its many uses, it needs to remain structurally sound and looking great. Your outdoor space can benefit from regular maintenance and deck repair to keep it looking like new for years to come, and it’s a good idea to educate yourself on the main causes that lead to deck damage.

1. Water Damage.

Moisture from rain and leaky hoses can cause the wood in your deck to rot, warp, and grow mold. All of these factors are unsafe for your well-being, and lead to an unattractive deck. After a heavy rainfall, water seeps into the cracks of the wood and absorbs into the structure, causing these occurrences. Your deck can crack and split, compromising the structure and leading to nasty splinters.

2. Sun Damage.

Sunlight can fade wood and dry out its material. The result will be a dull colored deck that has been dried out and more vulnerable to sucking in water. You can apply a brightening solution to bring the luster back in your deck, or you can have a contractor apply a stain or paint to really elevate your deck’s appearance. Once a stain or solution is applied, lay down a UV protection product to protect your new deck’s color from fading in Fairfax, VA.

3. Climate Damage.

Sudden drops or rises in temperature can affect your wooden deck. A drop in temps can cause the wood to contract, while a rapid increase can cause it to expand. This can lead to warping and cracking of your deck. You might also see a few nails popped out, which can be hazardous to anyone walking on it. You’ll need to hammer these nails back into place, and replace any boards that have become cracked or warped.

You should have a professional contractor inspect your deck each year for any damage, and remember to check the structural planks underneath as well as on top. Your outdoor space in Fairfax, VA can be the relaxing oasis you dream it to be, with regular deck repair and maintenance.

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Now that the deck is done it is beautiful. We love the workmanship and just being able to sit out in the back of our house with friends and grill out. This company truly has our gold star approval for professionalism and quality of work.

- Sharon J.
Arlington, VA

The Deck Doctor crew worked clean and made sure all debris was removed upon completion. They even added a "sunburst" pattern to the deck railing at the entrance to give it a more inviting look.

- Scott H.
Alexandria, VA

They began building our deck the same day as the permit was granted, and finished in two days and clean up was spotless. We are delighted by the quality of the materials and workmanship.

- Mr. & Mrs. Peter J
Arlington, VA

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