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Fairfax VA Hardscapes

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Fairfax VA Hardscapes

Homeowners invest in hardscapes in Fairfax, VA, because it makes their yards more livable, accessible and useful. The experienced staff at Nova Deck Doctor know how to use a well-placed brick wall to shore up a craggy spot and tame a wild area. A patio can expand the living space of a home by merging the interior and exterior.

Hardscaping is a gardening term that is applied to all of a yard’s non-living components. The most common hardscapes in Fairfax, VA, are:

  • Walls made of stone, brick or concrete
  • Patios made of brick, pavers or concrete
  • Walkways made of stone, concrete or brick
  • Arbors made of metal or wood
  • Decks
  • Fountains
  • Ponds

These projects can bring balance and harmony to diverse types of foliage and terrain, blending them with the exterior of the home. The result is an attractive, useful setting for outdoor living.

The professionals at Nova Deck Doctor use hardscapes in Fairfax, VA to add functionality to a yard. For example, walkways let children and adults get to all parts of the yard in comfort. Instead of crawling over rocky terrain, residents and visitors can enjoy an easy stroll through the yard.

The best hardscapes in Fairfax, VA employ a variety of materials, both natural and man-made. When combined, they make durable, practical and appealing structures that add usefulness and eye appeal. Bricks, pavers, wood, gravel, concrete and stone are used in harmony with PVC and composites.

The best Fairfax, VA hardscapes are in constructed in tune with the individual needs of each homeowner. The experienced staff at Nova Deck Doctor know that consulting with owners is essential every step of the way, from design through construction through delivery.

With years of experience, the experts at Nova Deck Doctor design and build many types of projects for the home and yard in many areas including Fairfax, VA. Beside hardscapes at Nova Deck Doctor, the staff brings their training and skill to a variety of jobs, including:

  • Screened porches
  • Wood decks
  • Deck repairs
  • Washing and sealing decks
  • Eco-friendly decks

When it’s time to bring accessibility and harmony to a home’s exterior, call the experts at Nova Deck Doctor.

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Now that the deck is done it is beautiful. We love the workmanship and just being able to sit out in the back of our house with friends and grill out. This company truly has our gold star approval for professionalism and quality of work.

- Sharon J.
Arlington, VA

The Deck Doctor crew worked clean and made sure all debris was removed upon completion. They even added a "sunburst" pattern to the deck railing at the entrance to give it a more inviting look.

- Scott H.
Alexandria, VA

They began building our deck the same day as the permit was granted, and finished in two days and clean up was spotless. We are delighted by the quality of the materials and workmanship.

- Mr. & Mrs. Peter J
Arlington, VA

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